Tuesday 25 November 2014

Egyptian information

During guided reading these boys have been demonstrating their knowledge of headings, diagrams and captions. Here the boys have each produced some information about Egyptian pyramids.

Lovely work boys. Thanks for sharing your work with me!

Marvellous maths

Another hard worker in Plane class. Lauren has been learning about using written methods for adding and subtracting number. Lauren has also been learning about place value.

Congratulations Lauren for working so well!

I hope you continue to work just as hard.

Impressive independence Jack!

I popped into Plane class this morning to see some stunning maths calculations that jack had completed.

Very well done Jack. I'm delighted to see you working so hard.

Keep it up!

Tuesday 18 November 2014

Hayden has been learning about Information books

Well done Hayden on producing two fabulous pieces of work. Hayden has been learning about features found in information books such as the glossary and the use of captions to describe illustrations. I am so pleased to see that you can create your own glossary and captions!

Congratulations to Hayden for her fantastic work. Your family will be so proud of you.

Keep it up!

Thursday 13 November 2014

Super calculations

Well done Daniel on your fabulous achievement. 100 questions in 3 minutes is very impressive

Congratulations Daniel!

Monday 10 November 2014

Incredible writing by Samuel

I was truly astounded by Samuel's writing that he did completely independently in class this morning!

I am very impressed Samuel. Thank you for reading your work aloud to me.

Well done!

Thursday 6 November 2014

Space Topic Book

I am so delighted to see Razia's fabulous topic book about Space!

Razia has completed lots of amazing work including a little books of facts and this rocket.

Well done Razia!

Wednesday 5 November 2014

Egyptian Mummy Cake!

Jessica baked a cake as part of her homework project in Year 3/4, Hornbeam class.

This is a fabulous cake that represents Jessica's understanding mummification!

Fab cake - looking forward to tasting it!

Problem Solving with words and letters!

Hannah and Paul knocked on my door to explain that they had been the first to solve a problem set in Maple Class!

Each letter of the alphabet had been given a monetary value, i.e a = 1p b = 5p etc.

Paul and Hannah found a word that when the letters were added together equalled £1 which was the nature of the challenge!

Well done both of you!