Thursday 26 June 2014


Well done Javi for creating an amazing Story Map all by himself! Super story and what excellent ideas. You have made me very proud of you and I'm sure your mum and dad will be too!

Keep it up!

Sunday 22 June 2014

Perfect poetry

I'm immensely proud of Amelia and Daisy who popped their heads around my door hoping to share their poetry with me.

I'm very glad they did because it is amazing. So amazing that I wanted to record their poems for everyone to listen. What do you think? Add your comments below!

Well done girls! Listen to their poems... (Daisy reads hers first!)

Monday 16 June 2014

Amazing and fabulous!

Yet again I am amazed by Razia's work and the things she has learnt. Razia started by describing the photographs on her cork board and the learning that has taken place.

Delving into Razia's scrapbook reveals yet more fabulous learning. Well done Razia!

Keep it up!