Wednesday 30 April 2014

Henry's diary entry

I've also had a visit from Henry who has shared his writing with me. I've recorded Henry reading his work aloud which you can listen to below!

I'm mightily impressed with the vocabulary choices and use of adverbs in his writing.

Well done Henry!

Wonderful writing with alliteration!

I'm delighted to be visited by Dharia who has done some amazing diary writing in class this morning.

I'm particularly impressed by the use of alliteration!

Well done Dharia!

Friday 25 April 2014

Greater independence!

Really impressed with Elvan's independence this week.

Aimee and I are really delighted that you are doing more things for yourself!

Very well done to you!

Amazing reading!

I really enjoyed listening to Janet reading her book to me. Janet has worked amazingly hard to improve her reading and has moved to Yellow books!

Janet also received a merit certificate this week!

Well done Janet!