Friday 29 November 2013

Persuasive Poster

I was so delighted to see Beau come to my office this afternoon to show me his amazing Epping Forest poster. Beau is trying to encourage more people to visit the forest following his school trip earlier this week!

Beau has been learning about persuasive techniques and has clearly used alliteration very effectively to catch the reader's attention. Fabulous.

I am very impressed, well done Beau!

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Janet's fantastic day

Janet has made me feel very proud because of the enormous amount of work that Janet has completed.

Today Janet has worked hard learning fractions, semantic links (!), letters and sounds, reading, top copy writing and work on the Blitz!

It is so wonderful to hear your amazing work today.

Well done!

Friday 15 November 2013

A Soldiers Pocket!

Amy wasn't feeling too well yesterday but appears to have 'worked her socks off' at home.

Amy has put together a range of artefacts that may have been found in a WW2 soldiers pocket! Included is a picture of his wife, a letter written to him from his wife and two children and a kit list!

Amy has even tried hard to make them look old and dated. Very authentic!

Well done Amy!

Wonderful Writing

I am truly delighted by the writing from Katie who has worked with Mrs McKenzie to produce a superb extract of her own story.

I love the choice of vocabulary and writing features you have included.

You can read Katie's extract online on our blog site!

Very well done.

Marvellous Metaphors

Elena and Erin have just visited me to share their amazing poetry which includes metaphors that they have been learning.

It is so brilliant that I asked both girls to read their poem whilst I recorded it. Here it is for you to listen to.
A fabulous poem which was so wonderfully read aloud. Thank you!

Thursday 14 November 2013

Lauren's writing including amazing adverbs

Lauren's writing is very impressive. Lauren was able to tell me the special words she has used.

Very well done for producing such great writing. I'm looking forward to seeing your writing get EVEN better.

Oliver's Problem Solving strategies

I was delighted to be visited by Oliver who shared with me his maths investigation work where he was finding different combination of pizza flavours.
Fantastic work in finding a pattern. I'm over the moon!
Well done!